In Summer 2019 we will be moving Capital Framework's code to the design-system repository. Until that migration occurs, please continue to use these docs.


Atomic Component is a micro framework for building Atomic Design components that utilize JavaScript. It is a dependency of other packages and isn’t used on its own.

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This framework is intended to be used in conjunction with adherence to Atomic Design principles. It helps provide a uniform way to build Atomic components using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

An example use case in building a Molecule is as follows:

Molecules are prefixed with “m-” in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files.


<div class="m-notification">
    <span class="m-notification_icon cf-icon"></span>
    <div class="m-notification_content" role="alert">
        <div class="h4 m-notification_message">message</div>
            <p class="h4 m-notification_explanation">
              Please check the URL and try again.


.m-notification {
    display: none;
    position: relative;
    padding: @notification-padding__px;


const CONSTANTS = { MESSAGE: 'message', EXPLANATION: 'explanation' };

const NotificationMolecule = Molecule.extend( {
      classes: {
        isVisible:   'm-notification__visible'

      ui: {
        base:        '.m-notification',
        explanation: '.m-notification_explanation',
        message:     '.m-notification_message'

      initialize: function() {
        this.ui.message.textContent = CONSTANTS.MESSAGE;
        this.ui.explanation.textContent = CONSTANTS.EXPLANATION;
} );

NotificationMolecule.constants = CONSTANTS;