How we use Travis CI

What Travis does

We use Travis CI on cfgov-refresh to perform the following tasks:

  • Run automated unit tests and acceptance tests.
  • Deploy this documentation website to GitHub on the gh-pages branch.

How Travis is configured

We use the following constraints to optimize Travis builds for speed and utility:

  • Travis runs tests on pull requests only, including subsequent pushes to a pull request's branch. Tests are not run on the master branch.
  • Travis deploys documentation on merges and pushes to the master branch only, and not on pull requests.
  • We do not run Travis builds of any kind on any other branches that are not master, and that are not pull request branches.

To customize Travis to fit the above constraints, we use a combination of:

An extra task for satellite repositories

For our satellite apps, Travis is also used to build and attach a deployment wheel file to every release.

An example is the .whl file on this release of the retirement app.