What type of problem are you having?

Most of the [no product selected] complaints we get are about one of the following topics. Select the one that best describes your complaint. You will have the chance to explain your complaint in detail in the next step.

Are you concerned about losing your home to foreclosure?

Which best describes your problem?

Which best describes your problem?

Which best describes what happened?

Important: submitting a complaint will not automatically delay or stop a foreclosure.

Have you missed any mortgage payments or are you in default on your mortgage?

Select “Yes” if your mortgage company believes you are in default or have missed payments, even if you believe the company is in error.

Is there a date scheduled for the foreclosure sale of your home?

You can find this date on the “Notice of Sale” or “Order Setting Sale” documents.

Did you pay a company to help you avoid foreclosure?

This can also be called “foreclosure rescue,” “foreclosure defense,” “foreclosure prevention,” or “loss mitigation assistance.”

Have you already tried to fix this problem with the company?