eregs.xsd is the main file that defines the RegsML schema. It serves mostly to include other files that define various parts of the schema and defines the top-level regulation element.

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  <include schemaLocation="primitives.xsd"></include>
  <include schemaLocation="preamble.xsd"></include>
  <include schemaLocation="toc.xsd"></include>
  <include schemaLocation="part.xsd"></include>


The regulation consists of three elements

  1. The FDSys tag which contains information pertinent to the federal register.
  2. The preamble tag which contains some descriptive information about the reg.
  3. At least one part.
  <cfrTitleText>Banks and Banking</cfrTitleText>
  <agency>Consumer Financial Protection Bureau</agency>
  <depdoc>[Docket No. CFPB-2011-0004]</depdoc>
  <rin>RIN 3170-AA04</rin>
<part partNumber="1004">

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<complexType name="Regulation">
		<element name="fdsys" type="tns:FDSys"></element>
		<element name="preamble" type="tns:Preamble"></element>
  	<choice minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded">
  		<element ref="tns:part"></element>

The regulation element enforces the following constraints:

  1. IDs of definitions must be unique.
  2. Labels of paragraphs must be unique.
  3. Labels of sections must be unique.
  4. Labels of subparts must be unique.
  5. Labels of appendices must be unique.
  6. Labels of appendix sections must be unique.

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<element name="regulation" type="tns:Regulation">
	<unique name="unique-def-id">
		<selector xpath=".//tns:def"></selector>
		<field xpath="@def-id"></field>
	<unique name="unique-par-label">
		<selector xpath=".//tns:paragraph|.//tns:section|.//tns:subpart|.//tns:appendix|.//tns:appendixSection"></selector>
		<field xpath="@label"></field>

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