This describes the primitives that are allowed in RegsML.


Regulation text is a mixed element that can contain:

  1. Regular text,
  2. references, and
  3. definitions.

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<complexType name="RegText" mixed="true">
  <choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
    <element ref="tns:ref"></element>
    <element ref="tns:def"></element>


The paragraph element can contain the following:

  1. At most 1 paragraph title.
  2. One content tag that contains regtext.
  3. Possibly any number of subparagraphs.

In addition, the paragraph element contains the following attributes:

  1. marker, which defines the marker that is placed in the beginning of the paragraph
  2. label, which defines the unique tag that identifies the paragraph.
<paragraph marker="a">
  <title>Mortgages with adjustable rates or finance charges and home equity lines of credit.</title>

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<complexType name="Paragraph">
		<choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
			<element name="title" type="string"></element>
		<element name="content" type="tns:RegText"></element>
		<element ref="tns:paragraph" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"></element>
<attribute name="marker" type="string" use="required"></attribute>
<attribute name="label" type="string"></attribute>


The reference element supports referencing any other element with a label attribute. The reference element has the following attributes:

  1. target, the element being referenced.
  2. reftype, the type of reference (internal or external)

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<complexType name="Reference">
		<extension base="string">
			<attribute name="target" type="string"></attribute>
			<attribute name="reftype" type="string"></attribute>


The definition element supports defined terms within the text. The definition has the following attributes:

  1. id, a unique id
  2. term, the actual term being defined within this tag
<complexType name="Definition">
		<extension base="string">
			<attribute name="id" type="string" use="optional"></attribute>
			<attribute name="term" type="string" use="required"></attribute>

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