Video is a powerful tool that can be used to educate viewers about the financial marketplace and the CFPB’s role in regulating it.

CFPB videos must contain strong emotional and creative imagery while maintaining visual simplicity. Video is a complex medium, so it is essential to pay attention to every detail, for example: composition, color treatment, typography and timing. The audience should recognize a CFPB video through its unique visual treatment.

Use cases


A video that covers a specific event relevant to the Bureau, such as a field hearing, webcast, or conference.

Still from Miami Fl Field Hearing Video


An industry-facing video that informs viewers about a specific topic through animated slide presentations and voiceovers.

Still from Remittance Transfer Rule Video


A video that educates consumers on a specific issue, web tool, or regulation written by the Bureau.

Still from What is HMDA Video


A documentary-style, consumer-facing video that demonstrates the work done by the Bureau.

Still from Consumer Stories Video

Stylistic guidelines

The horizontal lockup should be used in the introduction and conclusion of a video, centered on a white background without any other visual content.

At any other time, the isolated logo may be used in the bottom-right corner of the frame. The logo must be placed on a white background.

Still from Video title slide

Still from Video title slide


Typography should be balanced with other visual content, such as live footage or illustration. Type should not overlap other content. Key messages can also be highlighted on their own using display text.

Still from HMDA Video

Still from HMDA Video

Title slides

Title slides for educational videos should feature clean typography with ample white space. A beam pattern may be used either as the background or anchored to the bottom of the composition.

Still from Financial Education Video

Still from CFPB Training Video


Animation should be used to bring on-brand illustrations to life. Animation can also be used enhance the display of information, such as drawing the trajectory of a line chart or the growth of a bar chart.

Still from Student Loan Video

Still from Student Loan Video