Accessibility audit tools

This page contains web accessibility testing tools developed by the Design & Development team at the CFPB. They help us check for our desired level of conformance to federal regulations around accessibility. More plainly speaking, they help ensure we provide an inclusive web experience for all of our users.

CFPB manual web accessibility audit

Developed for use by both designers and developers, our manual web accessibility audit tool is largely comprised of tests for conformance to WCAG 2.0 AA success criteria. The audit, which is written in Excel, includes coverage for automated testing, screen reader testing, mobile testing, keyboard testing, plus additional tests for sensory sensitivity and forms.

The audit is written for use on a MacBook installed with both Microsoft Excel and the Chrome browser, as well as an iPhone.

Download the CFPB manual accessibility audit

If you have any feedback, please let us know by filing a issue.

Lighthouse automated audit

We also monitor our pages for accessibility issues by running Lighthouse, a free, automated testing tool, on a nighty basis against a set of our web pages.

View the CFPB Lighthouse reports dashboard

Lighthouse accessibility reporting results are less comprehensive than those from our manual web accessibility audit, but are still valuable as a measurement of the health of the website, and to pinpoint specific issues to fix.

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