Print styles

As some users may want to print pages on our site, we’ve set up print styles to ensure pages present well when printed and use minimal ink and paper. The following print styles have been applied across pages.  

Hide web-only elements

We hide header, footer, and left-hand navigation links as well as web-specific patterns such as our email signup box, feedback module, search bar, and video player buttons.  

Display URLs

URLs for links, buttons, and videos display when printed. This ensures a user can access the linked content if desired. Visit Links and Buttons for specifications.  

Display images and content in a succinct layout 

Patterns such as info unit groups and featured content modules print in their large-screen layouts. Printing patterns in this format enables multi-column layouts with readable line lengths and reasonably sized images.  

Prioritize content

A page’s sidebar drops to the bottom of the page when printed.

Present readable line lengths

For pages with single-column layouts, column width is reduced when printed to ensure readable line lengths on paper. Whereas as a reader may have control over aspects such as browser width and text size in a digital setting, they do not have this control when reading a printed piece, so it’s important that line lengths are as readable as possible. See the section “Line lengths” on the Fonts page for more information.

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