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This file is interpreted after all modules have loaded.

var PDP = (function ( pdp ) {

  'use strict';

Listen for specific events and act accordingly.


When the DOM is loaded: Initalize the app and update the query.params hash.

    'dom:loaded': [
      pdp.app.init.bind( pdp.app )

When the app is ready: Start the app and stop any loading visualizations.

    'app:ready': [
      pdp.app.start.bind( pdp.app ),
      pdp.app.stopLoading.bind( pdp.app ),
      pdp.summaryTable.init.bind( pdp.summaryTable )

After the app has started.

    'app:started': [
      pdp.form.updateShareLink.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.form.updateFieldOptions.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.preview.update.bind( pdp.preview )

When a field is changed: Update the query.params hash, check form field dependencies and update the share link.

    'field:changed': [
      pdp.query.updateAll.bind( pdp.query ),
      pdp.form.checkDeps.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.form.checkMutuallyExclusive.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.form.updateShareLink.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.query.setCookie.bind( pdp.query )

When the popular/all nav is clicked: change to the appropriate section and update the share link to reflect the new section.

    'navigation:clicked': [
      pdp.app.changeSection.bind( pdp.app ),
      pdp.form.updateShareLink.bind( pdp.form )

When the query.params hash is finished updating, update the preview table and store the params.

    'params:updated': [
      pdp.preview.update.bind( pdp.preview )

When a previously hidden field is shown: Update the field's options.

    'field:shown': [
      pdp.form.showField.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.form.enableField.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.form.updateFieldOptions.bind( pdp.form )

When a field is hidden.

    'field:hidden': [
      pdp.form.resetField.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.form.disableField.bind( pdp.form ),
      pdp.form.hideField.bind( pdp.form )

When a field's options are updated.

    'field:updated': [
      pdp.form.setFields.bind( pdp.form )

When an update is started: Start loading visualizations.

    'update:started': pdp.app.startLoading.bind( pdp.app ),

When an update is stopped: Stop loading visualizations.

    'update:stopped': pdp.app.stopLoading.bind( pdp.app ),

    'download': pdp.app.redirect.bind( pdp.app )


Export the public API.

  return pdp;

}( PDP || {} ));