Illustrations are an important tool for introducing the subject matter of a page, event, or topic. Illustrations are vector-based graphics that support primary headers and text. They function as the brand’s top-level illustration style with detail and clarity. Illustration is universally relatable and accessible to all audiences. The content of an illustration should always be politically and socially neutral.



These illustrations should feature flat elements and avoid showing things in three dimensions. Elements should not appear to be outlined.

Paying for College illustration


Top-facing illustrations are object-based. Illustrations should be arranged in a way that it appears the viewer is immersed in a real life scenario. These should include 4-6 objects and relative sizing to create a realistic and natural perspective. Shadows around objects can be used to create realism in top-facing perspective. If using top-facing perspective in a project, all illustrations should maintain that perspective for consistency.

Paying for College illustration

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