Photography is an important tool for communicating the subject matter and tone of a CFPB material. Photography has the ability to show real-life scenarios, people, and a range of emotions. Our hope is that, through photography, consumers will better see themselves in CFPB’s materials and feel empowered to take control of their financial lives.



Editorial photos are used as a visual storytelling device across CFPB materials. When deciding what a photo should depict, consider the accompanying content and the intent of the photo.

Student planning her finances

Consumer opening a bank account

Consumers discussing a financial decision

Event photos

Photography can be used to capture events and show consumers, partners, and CFPB staff interacting. Our event photography preserves the integrity of the moment, and photo editing should be limited to adjusting levels, contrast, and natural color balance. An edited selection of our latest event photography is available at

CFPB employee speaking at event

Consumer speaking at event

Consumer speaking at event

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