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The CFPB logo was designed to symbolize vigilance, transparency, and a consumer focus. Consumers are the foundation and focus of our mission and our logo reflects that. A soft beam of light symbolizes our efforts to illuminate the financial landscape and foster transparency in the marketplace.



The horizontal lockup is the primary option and appears on our stationery and website.

Horizontal lockup logo


The logo is comprised of the following colors.

CFPB green 80, 0, 100, 0 361 32, 170, 63 #20aa3f
Green 60 (Midtone Green) 32, 0, 52, 0 358 173, 220, 145 #addc91
Gray 0, 0, 0, 77 Cool Gray 11C 90, 93, 97 #5a5d61


The vertical lockup is useful for square frames or narrow columns.

Vertical lockup logo


The isolated logo is primarily used for internal-facing communications. For all external communications, the logo needs to be in a lockup with “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” to ensure clear communication.

Isolated logo

Small execution

The small execution lockup is used when the logo needs to scale down to less than 0.75” or 54 pixels at 72 dpi. The small execution logo allows “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” to remain legible.

Small execution logo


Spanish logo

The Spanish logo should be used for Spanish language materials, such as websites and microsites, publications, and signage.

This is applicable for the horizontal, vertical, and small execution lockups.

Spanish logo

One color logo

When the logo is being produced for print formats conditions may not allow for full color. For these rare cases, the one-color logo may be used only in black on a white background.This is applicable for the horizontal, vertical, isolated, and small execution lockups.

One color logo

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